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Family Owned & Operated Since 2015

A little about us

Before you can understand what Jonesey's is about, you have to understand a little about the Jones's.  We are a family business

and we are proud Americans.  Our label reflects one of our philosophies and core beliefs that is tied to our family and the greatest

country to live in on the planet, the USA.   We express our patriotism in our logo and our packaging, but mostly in our dedication to products made in the USA. We do our best to make sure our products are  grown on an American farm, Mined in America,

Manufactured in an American plant, and delivered by an American truck.  We understand the freedoms we enjoy come from the  protection and sacrifices of our American troops, and we want them to know we support them as well.  We make our vendor

choices based on the impact to our economy and the jobs we can support here at home.  We started this business because  creating, blending, cooking, smoking, raising and harvesting our own food are all important to myself and my family. We have created a wholesome product line with some of the most delicious Sauces, Spice Blends, Rubs and Marinades, and now you don't have to be at one of our catered events to enjoy Jonesey's All American Products. 

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do!


 Quality ingredients make quality products.  The foundation of all our products is quality ingredients.  Creating sauces started for us when we simply wanted to avoid corn syrups and things on the label we couldn't pronounce.  Once we started making our own products we realized we weren't the only people that appreciated products made without additives. Like grandmas gravy our products are made from real ingredients.  We don’t add Calcium Sili-something or anti caking agents.  We don’t have a chemist counting out drops of food color #6 (or any other color), the color of the product is the color the ingredients make it. That means you might find a lump of spice or sugar. It’s ok! Just smash it up and throw it in.



We have some environmentally friendly standards built into our products from the start.  We also seek out vendors that are  dedicated to reducing waste.  Green initiatives are important to us, and we actively engage in practices that lower environmental impacts. Some of the things we do start with our own packaging.   You might have noticed we package our heated products in glass.  This practice is a bit old fashioned, but it provides packaging we feel is a safer alternative to plastics and provides a reusable and recyclable package.  We   have a zero waste manufacturing goal.  In our business if we receive it, we do our best to re-use it, re-purpose it, recycle it ourselves or get it to our local single stream recycle bin.  That means you might get a pallet with another companies' name on it, or a cardboard box that has high miles, or even glass separators that came in the original case from our co-packers plant.  Either way, if you have green initiatives like us, you know you are supporting reducing environmental impacts and making things better!

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