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Purchase your AfterBurn Camp services & supplies here!

Thank you for using!
We look forward to seeing you soon!

A bit about AfterBurn Camp

We are all inclusive and everyone is welcome. Yup, even Hippies!  Not open to general public.  We offer:

· Showers (clean towels/soap/shampoo included), 

· Toilet facilities, (temporary porta potty style)

· Trash Dumpster 

· Plenty of room for RVs (dry camping), 

· We have a large flat area (no rocks) near the showers and toilets dedicated to those with tents. 

· Washing machines (with laundry soap)

· Annual Storage (Burners only, not open to the public. outdoor and 8X20  shipping containers)

· Ice (bagged and bulk)

· Tractor onsite for heavy lifting during load   and unload for staging and storage

· Bar/rec area with seating and fire pits

· Staging area for prep and tear-down

· RV cleaning, winterization, air for tires

· Generators onsite

· Water stations for RV and container fill

Have a question? Call Greg 775-741-7880

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