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Supporting Our Veterans

Army Medals

As a company and in our personal lives we feel strongly about giving back to those in need. We have seen the reality of the challenges our veterans face as a result of serving our country and at the same time all of us.  Homelessness, unemployment and veterans that take their own lives are critical issues that we can all help to improve.  Homeless rates, suicide rates and mental health issues are all problems veterans face in higher percentages than their civilian counterparts.  We also see the struggles these same families and individuals face with lodging and transportation to and from doctor visits as well as much needed procedures. We have chosen to reach out to those in need in a multitude of ways.  Two of the many organizations that would love your time and your donation have links below. These are the organizations we have chosen to help this year.  We have visited and toured the facilities, spoken with the management and feel we can endorse and contribute to the services and help they provide.  Please visit these organizations and ask what you can do to help.  

Veterans Resource Center

Veterans Guest House

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