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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What determines the price of shipping?

A: Our products are heavy. We are working to standardize our shipping costs. As we grow and increase our volumes, our shipping prices should reduce in cost.  

Q: Where can I pick up my product?

A: Currently we prepare your order and make it available at our Sparks location. 615 Spice Island Dr.  Sparks NV 89431. When you place an order for pick-up we will send you an email when its ready. Usually the same or next day.  

Q: How do I use you Rubs? CLICK  HERE

A: We think using our Rub is a professionals secret to great results! Thanks for buying our Rub.  Our shaker container (5-6 oz.) is a great size to Rub an entire Brisket, a couple of Tri Tip roasts, a couple of Pork Butts (Shoulders) , 6-8 lbs of chicken or other poultry, 5-6 racks of ribs and when used on steaks or chops it can go a long way! Simply open the spoon side of the flip top cap and sprinkle it on until the coverage is even and you can't see through it anymore.  CLICK  HERE to see pictures!

   Documents for Download

 *  Jonesey's W-9

 *  Credit Application

*Catering Questionnaire

 *  Bulk Order Form

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