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Jonesey's Bar J Ranch

is Now Offering

Grass Fed Beef

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     We are extremely happy to announce we now have our own Grass Fed Beef program. Our cattle graze on our Certified Organic farm in Warm Springs, just north of Sparks NV.  Some of the advantages of having an organic program are:

No Antibiotics

No Hormones

No Steroids

No Glyphosates in our feeds

No Chlorine (or any) additives in our water

No artificial inputs of any kind.  

CCOF inspects and certifies our pastures annually.

Our cattle have room to roam, the BarJ gives each animal acres of room.  

We process our animals in a humane fashion.

We have spent the last few years adapting our pasture practices to a "no till" program.  This allows our pastures build the beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that are major players in soil microbial processes. These processes perform a variety of functions beneficial to soil and the plants growing in that soil that would otherwise be disturbed by tilling.  We use the native plants and natural grasses as a cover crop, and allow the natural fertilization process to benefit the entire pasture.  We re-introduce (recycle) all of our aged and naturally composted manures back onto the pastures in the fall and winter to act as a cover to hold moisture in our dry high desert climate.  


We have partnered with Mori Wholesale Meats in Fallon NV to bring you professionally processed products delivered by Jonesey's Bar J Ranch right to your front door! We chose Mori Wholesale Meats for several reasons. The number one reason is because they are a local family organization that treats animals with respect and dignity throughout the entire process. We feel stress on the animal can adversely affect the taste and quality of the meat.  With their help, The Bar J will deliver a well cared for,  well finished, clean and professionally packaged product.  The humane treatment of our animals is one of the most important aspects of our program.   


Our steers will usually produce about 400 lbs of finished product. Not everyone has room for a whole beef.  This year we are offering front quarters/rear quarters, halves and of course a whole beef.  In addition (due to high demand) we now offer a hamburger only add on.  In addition to any order you can order extra hamburger.  

We have simplified our ordering process.  Below is a sample list of the cuts you can order.  We put you in touch with the butcher direct. You can tell them exactly what you would like.  The cutting and wrapping is included in our price.  Once we have the final weight, we notify you and you go to the on-line store HERE and pay the total.  We pick it up in our refrigerated truck and bring it to you (local deliveries only) it's that easy.  

1/4 Beef Front

1/4 Beef Rear

1/2 Beef

Ground Beef 90/10

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