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Using Our Rubs

Java Rebel and Revolution Rubs

Rub Instructions   

First rinse (optional)* and pat dry whatever cut of protein you are preparing.

Next place the cut in a pan that will catch excess rub. 

Now you are ready to apply product to one side and spread evenly “Rubbing” or pushing the product into surface.

Turn and repeat until all sides are covered. Don’t be afraid to use the excess in the pan. 

You can let it stand for a few minutes or a few hours, whatever you prefer!

Now you are ready to get cookin’! Here are a few pictures to help you through.

*There are a lot of views on whether or not to rinse your meats prior to cooking.  Reasons range from health and safety to taste preferences. This is completely optional from our point of view.   

How about some Ribs?


Chicken and Poultry

Pork Butt/Shoulder

Tri Tip Roasts

Our Secret Ingredient is Freshness!